American History: Outcome of the Cold War

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Lauren Davis
Did America Win the Cold War?

Coming to the end of World War Two, both the United States and the Soviet Union were left two very powerful countries with exceptionally different views on how things should be run. America ran the country with a “survival of the fittest” type of outlook, while the soviets lived by “everybody helps everybody”. Both the countries were determined in becoming the “super power” of the world in regards to their economic systems, political policies, and especially military strength. The strength of the American nation progressed throughout the cold war simply because of the USSR’s choice of where and how to spend money and organize their country. In the end, the dissolution of the USSR did not lead to entire victory for the Americans, although their political system remained in tact, the strength of the military advanced, and the economic system saw a large amount of growth.

During the cold war and post cold war eras, both the type of free election the government ran and the international spread of democracy allowed the United States to show the strength they showed through their political system. The democratic system as opposed to the Soviet’s autocratic system allowed a free vote to citizens of America. This means there is a choice in who works for congress and it allows room for change, proved in a recent report regarding the American political policies; Thus, Type 1 sham elections, which provide virtually no information, make no difference, while Type 4 free and fair elections, which provide accurate but largely unsurprising information, are also statistically inconclusive once we correct for endogeneity. (Robertson, 2009) Endogeneity is the ability in a congress to provide variables for change, often to please the majority of society. These free elections have proven to make a majority happy, and allow room for change in law. The wide spread of democracy was...
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