American History: Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

Topics: Employment, Money, Love Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Chilean copper mine collapse
Latasha Mcclure
September 26, 2012
Kwanis Nelson

Chilean copper mine collapse
On August 5 the Minera San Esteban Company regretfully announces that part of one of our mining sites has collapse. Leaving 33 of our workers trapped underground (Weik, 2010). It is not yet clear what caused the roof to collapse the company will launch a thorough investigation (Parry, Rettner, 2010). The Chile copper mine collapse is very stressful for all parties involved. To the families of all 33 men that are trapped the Minera San Esteban Company would like to extend a most sincere apology for this incident. The company wants you all to know that we are working very hard and diligently to bring your love ones home safe. The company also understands that the families depend on their loved ones pay for support; this month’s pay will be put into an account in your loves name so your family can continue to thrive while the Esteban Company works hard to bring each and everyone of your love one home safe and sound (Prengamen,2010). The company understands that there may be some challenges that families may face while their support system is not there, We do understand that there may also be some confusion as to whom shall receive each works pay however we have been able to get word to our employee’s to designate whom shall receive these monies if you have been chosen the San Esteban company will contact you (Prengaman, 2010). We hope this also helps to insure you that you love one is safe and well at this time we encourage members of the families to come to the sight this may help your love one through this trying time. The Esteban Company wants the families to know that our doors are open to try and assist you if we can, The Esteban Company many not be able to meet all your needs but we will most certainly try to accommodate you where and we can. There has been lots of support from the community with monetary donations and food, the...
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