American Graffiti

Topics: Light, Automobile, Pixar Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: March 18, 2011
In American Graffiti, certain things such as cars and lighting help George Lucas in conveying a certain message to his audience through camera techniques and other filmmaking strategies. In American graffiti, Lighting is obviously an important factor in portraying a message to the audience. In the scene when John and he young girl get back at the other car for throwing a water balloon, lighting is very apparent. Even though the people inside the car cannot see out because of the shaving cram on the windows. They can still see the light coming in from the spotlight right outside of their car. This spotlight makes for a natural light that adds to the wild, crazy atmosphere that is presented in this scene, with short cuts, and a faster passed music track. but I feel it’s the natural lighting with the spotlight that adds the most to the atmosphere of the scene. Lighting, throughout the movie, tends to be tends to be lesser, as it takes place through the night and natural lighting was supposed to be used as opposed to lighting provided by the filmmakers. The movie is presented as so dark because Lucas tries to represent what the characters might be feeling through the lighting. When its dark out, it’s almost as if the characters feel it’s okay to do anything. Kurt befriends a gang, Toad tries to buy alcohol, and Steve attempts to have sex with his girlfriend. The darkness represents freedom for the characters as they feel like they can do anything now that it is dark out, which it is throughout most of the movie. Whenever its light out, the characters almost feel its necessary to conform. As the sun begins to rise, Kurt realizes he must forget about the blonde in the white Tbird, and leave the town. Whenever its light out the characters are able to make logical, and rational decisions, as opposed to

when its dark out. Lucas wants the audience to know this and changes the lighting from light to dark frequently in order to get this across to the...
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