American Government Essay

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  • Published : April 10, 2002
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John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau both have similar views on man's nature, authority and freedom. Those views are that all men are essentially equal and that each individual has the right to life, liberty, and property. They believe that these rights are given by God, and thus natural. They also believe that reason is a God-given and religious liberty, and right to freedom of speech. The differences are that Locke believed that when people gave up their rights they gave up there freedom to be safe. Rousseau believed that when people gave up their rights to the government they weren't giving up freedom, just exchanging it for security. Rousseau is more on the liberal side of the spectrum while Locke is on the conservative side.

The basic differences between conservative and liberal are many. Liberals are more innovative and open to reform as opposing the conservatives being more set in their ways and to doing things in tradition. Liberals are more optimistic and are more supportive towards socialistic ideas. Conservatives are pessimistic and are more supportive of the individualistic ideas. A major political issue is welfare. The Conservatives feel the people should make money on there own and without the help of the people Locke would fall more into this category as opposed to Rousseau who would be more supportive of welfare because he is one that says if it helps the individual then it will help us all. Gun control is another major current event that has two strong views. The liberal view being that guns should be off the streets and locked up and out of the hands of everyday people. Rousseau would fall more under the liberal views like above because he is supportive of the protection of the people. The conservative view point on gun control is that every person has the right to own a gun and I would consider myself more of a liberal for instance in the situation of abortion I am pro-choice as a opposed to the conservative that views more...
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