American Gangster

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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"American Gangster" takes place in the late 60's when drugs and trafficking were at a high in the U.S. Frank Lucas was the driver and body guard of famous gangster Bumpy Johnson. Following Bumpy's death, Frank took over the business and became the main importer of heroin into the New York city area. The heroin imported was better quality and sold at a cheaper price because Lucas bought the heroin directly from a source in South East Asia. Lucas was able to expand his operation beyond New York and New Jersey to the entire east coast with the help of his family. The other part of the movie portrays the life of Richie Roberts, who is a New Jersey cop studying to be a lawyer. His job was to bring down the main people transporting drugs into the United States, and the main guy was Frank Lucas.

Following the death of his mentor, Frank Lucas stepped in and became a gangster. He started out by moving his family from North Carolina to New Jersey and had them all work for him. As for his drugs, Lucas went straight to the source in Thailand and bought directly from there. The drugs were transported from Thailand to the U.S. secretly on military airplanes that were used in the Vietnam War. Business was booming for Lucas and he became well-known among the gangsters and thugs. He was able to sell the heroin for really cheap and its quality was better than any of the other products around. On top of it all, the amount of corrupt cops was at an ultimate high and that's what made it easy for Lucas to do business.

While Lucas was out making money and enjoying its luxuries, Richie Roberts was put in charge of a private crew that were directed to bring down the notorious thugs in charge of big drug operations. His job proved to be difficult since there was a rise of corrupted cops who worked with the drug dealers. On top of it all, he was in the middle of a divorce and trying to study to be a lawyer. However, with the help of his crew, Roberts was able to...
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