American Flag and What It Symbolizes

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  • Published : October 26, 2007
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What does the American Flag Symbolize

We need to realize something, we need to realize that the people burning the American flag in this picture go beyond just burning our flag. Burning the American flag represents the hatred, not only for America, but the hatred of freedom.

The American Flag is the embodiment of freedom, and is made powerful through dedication and sacrifice. The ultimate sacrifice for America and Freedom has been made countless times by the brave and selfless men and women of the American Military. Walking barefoot through snow at Valley Forge, being slaughtered on the beaches at D-Day, fighting in booby trapped enemy infested jungles, and battling an enemy driven by a religion that has no honor; these are Americans defending their freedom and the freedom of others. To give four years of your life you have to be dedicated to a cause; that cause has to be even more important if it requires that you fight and possibly die. Our Military has always been a large part of the "face" of America, the picture that others see when they think of the "Land of the Free". I believe that the picture of the American Military is one of men and women willing to do the right thing, to persevere in all odds, and to protect and forward the cause of freedom in the world we live in. We need to stand behind our Flag and our Military; they made America what it is today and they deserve our time, our prayers, and our deepest respect.

The American Flag should never be desecrated in any way. Burning our Flag, flying our Flag upside-down, throwing our Flag on the ground, and standing on our Flag should all be made illegal. In the paper you sometimes see pictures of local people burning flags, flying them upside down, or desecrating them in some way. These people should not be called "Americans" or be allowed to live in America. I can understand if you don't like the American Flag, or don't consider it to be your flag. What I don't understand is why you think you...
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