American Films and Human Truths

Topics: American films, Sacrifice, English-language films Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: April 23, 2013
They say myths are just stories. Wonderful lore which gives us an escape from our imperfect world. But there is more to it that just pure entertainment. Myths can contain human truths. Fighting monsters, rescuing a beautiful princess in a castle full of vampires, whatever it is there is always a moral in the story .

This myth is about Beowulf and how he was a hero of his country. When he was serving as a king and getting older, a man stole a golden cup from a dragon's lair. When the dragon found out about his missing cup, he went to a killing spree and scorching everything in sight. Beowulf formed a group of warriors to aid him kill the dragon. But only one warrior by the name of Wiglaf decided to help him. The other warriors were too afraid to help aid Beowulf. So Wiglaf and Beowulf went in and defeated the dragon. But Beowulf died due to his injuries during the fight. He was buried with the dragon's treasure.

Now people in our society does something that is similar to what Beowulf would do, except they don't kill monsters and dragons. For example, firefighters risk their life to save someone in danger. Scientists tries to find cure for cancer. They might not kill monsters which poses a threat to all of us, but they are there when we need them.

These things happens everyday. It might not be noticeable but everything a person does to help the world is and could be important.You don't have to be able to leap tall buildings in a single jump to be a hero.

My mother is like my hero. She works hard and puts a lot of effort into what she does. She works countless hours to put food in the table for her family. She always puts her family first before herself. There are times when we disagree on things but in the end we know that we are doing it to each other because we care. My mother, like the hero , sacrifices a lot of things to bring happiness and peace to others .In this, I have learned an important value in...
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