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American Expansionism

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Between the period of the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, expansionism was a major part of the United States. Since there were many advances in technology and knowledge of the world many different countries tried to expand there countries as much as possible. Between this period there was a lot of continuation of expansionism plus there was also a lot of departure of expansionism in the country. Many things contributed to this expansionism such as the American Diplomacy in China and the Gentleman's Agreement in Japan all contributed to the expansion of the United States.

Since there seemed to be a abundance of territory that was not claimed by any country, expansionism was a great option for lots of countries around the world. In a cartoon by Thomas Nast there is a great illustration of different countries expanding there territories. It is a picture of a world with three men around it and one is from Germany, one from Britain, and the last one is from Russia. They all have grab bags and they are picking from the world which shows how countries around the world were trying to gain as much territory as they could while it was available without fighting for it. This will play a big part in the lead to World War I. In an article about the interest of America in sea power, Alfred T. Mahan states a lot of things having to do with the territory of the US and its control over the ocean. He says, "America must now look outward. The growing production of the country demands it." He states that we should not allow all of our ports on both the Atlantic and the Pacific to be controlled by other countries because the United States is going to expand and we need all of our relations and ports on both oceans so that we can stay in control of our country. At the end he states three things that we should defiantly do to protect the country's expansionism. First he says that the chief harbors should be protected and the shore lines should also be...

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