American Entry Into Ww1

Topics: United States, World War I, World War II Pages: 3 (573 words) Published: April 7, 2013
During the early years of what was to beomce WW1 the overwhelming #’s of americans were opposed to going to war.

1.) saw it as an European Conflict
2.) German was the largect ethnic group in America
3.) Irish was another large ethnicity, they had no love for Britain or the Allies 4.) the American Jewish Community supported the Germans since they saw the German gains in Russia as a way of freeing the Jews from the Tyranny of the Tsars

On the Other hand the sale of war materials to the allies and the purchase of war bonds of allied govt’s created a pro-british interest group in the USA Large loans to the allies from USA also made an ally victory an American Interests.

Woodrow Wilson personal sympathies may have lay with England and France he suspected them of “ Impure motives” clung to neutrality.
- Wilson never ceased in his attempts to end the war with a negotiate peace and he saw politically little to choose between warring alliances.

- Wilson was so upset with Britiains blockading and harrassment of Americans shipping that at one point when he was asked what he would do if Germany was willing to seek a fair peace and france and Britain werent Wilson replied

“ If the allies want war with us, we wont shrink from it” the pound had plummeted, Allies were thought to lose

The Intro of Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare against all shipping arond Britains, renewed the hope of the Allies.

- Factories in the US worked overtime on Allie orders
- Britain alone were spending ten of millions of dollars a day of their war budget in the USA
- If the submarines stopped this trade ,a lot of money would be lost, wealthy Americans seethed with indignation

On Feb 3rd 1917, President Wilson was pressured to Break off the relations with Germany
- The British controlled the cable communications between America and Europe and this had for reaching results. ( the Lusitania Incident)

The Zimmerman Telegram

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