American Education vs. Japanese Education

Topics: Education, School, United States Pages: 4 (1162 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Allyson Faurot
Professor Price
EngWr 101 MW 10:30am
1 October 2012
The American Education Dilemma
The American Education System is placed under scrutiny for low test scores and failing to instill basic skills and knowledge needed to succeed in secondary education and the working world. Matters look even worse when studies are done showing a blatant disparity between the educations that Americans receive versus the education of children in Asian cultures. Some people think adopting the model of Asian education in our schools is the solution to our problem. Although Asian education techniques yield a high success rate when it comes to proficiency in standardized testing, implementing their complete education style is not a wise decision. Finding a happy combination involving the American ideals of creativity, freethinking, and small classroom size, along with the Japanese customs of effort, well-trained educators, and teacher rotation would benefit not only our education system, but also our entire country. One fantastic aspect of the American education system is that students are schooled in an environment that encourages creativity and individuality. This allows children to experiment freely with ideas (Ho 199). Children in the United States have art projects displayed in museums, learn creative geography, and reenact historical political debates simply because our country places a high value on creativity and individuality (Ho 199-200). In turn, this learning environment bolsters the United State’s ability to be one of the top innovating countries in the world. However, a crutch that our country falls back on is focusing on ability as opposed to effort from a very young age. In his article “Strengths, Weaknesses, and Lessons of Japanese Education”, James Fallows states: “We give tests, classify, and track students in belief that this will help them obtain instruction that is best for them” (Fallows 203). However, In Japan, effort is regarded as the most...
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