American Eating Habbits Research Paper

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Morgan Hill
Professor Rozendal
English 101
9 November, 2012
American Eating Habits
As the first lady, it’s Michelle Obama’s personal goal to change the lives of millions by making America a healthy nation (Warner 400). But as Judith Warner mentions to her readers, if you don’t change American culture of food then American behaviors will not change (401). For us as Americans, eating healthy isn’t normal routine, and for various reasons. American’s can’t go a block without running into a fast-food joint because it has become such a huge part of our culture. The article Fast-food Nation explains how fast-food chains are a huge franchise in America, with forty percent of retail spending in America going towards its Franchise businesses. During the 1960’s and 1970’s fast-food chains spread nationwide, and in 1970 Americans spent six billion dollars on fast-food compared to last year, where one hundred and sixty eight billion dollars were spent on fast-food in America. Which is more money than is spent on higher education, personal computers, software, or new cars (Schlosser ). American’s spend an incredible amount of money towards these unhealthy, food producing stores. One of the main reasons that eating unhealthy is so apart of our culture is because of how fast-food is advertised. In magazines, newspapers, billboards, and mostly TV, advertisers produce very appealing advertisements. Fast-food industries as a whole spend four billion dollars a year on advertising, making theirs ads appeal to younger and older generations in different ways (Schlosser). Fast-food businesses are very successful with advertising their meals towards children. As Eric Schlosser pointed out in his article Fast-Food Nation, a survey was taken of American schoolchildren, and it was found that ninety six percent could identify Ronald McDonald. That’s a huge amount of children showing their familiarity with the McDonalds fast-food character in effect from all the advertising they’re...
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