American Dreams and Obstacles

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  • Published : August 15, 2007
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In the novels we have read this year all of the characters have a dream. However, there have been obstacles that sometimes hinder these American dreams. These obstacles range from internal conflict to society itself. Is it possible for these dynamic characters to struggle with obstacles and overcome them to reach their dream?

Americans in our society have a dream that consist of a vivid plan and multiple goals. Often times this dream has a realistic goal but may not be fulfilled due to obstacles created by antagonist. The dynamic character in each of the stories has a constant struggle with an obstacle which requires persistence and consistency to overcome. The most prevalent causes of failure are their environment, internal conflict and obligations to friends and family. Each character in these stories has a one in a million chance of success and only those who are willing to make a persistent and consistent effort will able to achieve their dream despite their struggles. "The Law: it has honored us, may we honor it" said Daniel Webster, the 14th & 19th Secretary of the United States. Webster reiterated that the law is to be upheld at all times for every American, however many times people don't honor civil liberties. In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch, a lawyer must defend a black man named Tom Robinson who is framed for rape. Like Daniel Webster, Atticus has a dream of equality both inside and outside the courtroom. However, Atticus lives in a town that is so angry at only the possibility of the rape that they completely ignore Tom Robinson's rights. Yet in spite of that he continues through the struggle and continues to try, showing the perseverance of a hero Atticus has a large difficulty not only handling the case but keeping his client alive. Still throughtout his case he never gives up no matter how much they try to discourage him. He must battle people the people around him, as he is the only person who tries to secure one mans rights. Like a hero does, even as he stood alone he did not give up on himself and never stopped trying to work towards his American dream. His dream of a oppression, racism free world was a aim that he tries his best to reach and no matter what the outcome is he is proud he tried. His environment is a direct obstacle to his American dream; they all fail to uphold the standards that make America, liberty and justice with their prevalent racial prejudice against black people, making Atticus' job impossible to be successful at. This is an obstacle for Attius' because without it America is not longer American. The situation that shows the best example of racial prejudice is the trial of Tom Robinson. In his trial, Tom Robinson is misjudged and mistreated because he is black, however Tom Robinson takes his punishment quietly and peacefully. One of the most definitive examples of this is the way in which Mr. Gilmer, Tom's prosecutor, calls Tom boy. He uses a tone of voice, which one would use when talking to the lowest creature on earth, towards Tom and makes him look stupid. This is all because Tom is black. Therefore his environment also fails him. Despite this Atticus keeps his composure and refuses to be rattled by the onslaught of racially motivated oppressors. Atticus shows us that even if you try hard sometimes you will still fail. Without liberties we have no chance at freedom or any dream at all. In that racist town, the odds are simply too great to overcome has no chance. There is not hope for the simple, tranquil Tom Robinson despite everything Atticus has done. The racist jury that was assembled convicts him despite that the evidence not only clears Mr. Robinson, but points to the person that is truly guilty. Both Mr. Robinsons and Atticus Finch's environment fail them. Tom Robinson and Atticus Finch are proof that sometimes no matter how hard you try dreams do not come through. Liberty is the most valuable thing in our American lives. Life without it would...
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