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American Dreaming: a College Degree Is Immanent

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American Dreaming: a College Degree Is Immanent

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Cause and Effect
American Dreaming

In America because of the “American dream” a college degree is immanent. The American dream used to be a set of ideals that consisted of hard work, opportunity to make something of yourself, freedom to speak your mind and freedom to think. Sometime after WWII when all the men / soldiers came back something changed in this country. Homes grew double in size and somehow that dream morphed from having a home into owning a car, traveling to exotic locations, the latest gadgets and ever-escalating wages. Americans began wanting more and more out of the American Dream and it grew into American’s expecting that their children should have it better than their parents. The norm was no longer good enough and greed took over.

Americans have turned the “The American Dream” into something not everyone can achieve. Today 60 years after WWII ended personal debt is at catastrophic levels the collapse of our credit and economic system seems immanent and still our society hasn’t began to realize that the American Dream needs to be preplanned. The ideals of hard work, freedom to think and speak and freedom of opportunity are achievable by all.

Because of the way Americans choose to live in order to survive in this world a college degree is needed. Entry-level jobs are sent over seas more and more domestic jobs are cutting down on employees. Without a college degree you become one of the many who are still collecting unemployment in search of a steady check. American’s needs to be more content with their character, instead of content with their homes. Imagine we were more interested in being great husbands, great wives or great employees instead of being up to date with the latest cars, new gadget and new clothe. How about if Americans were more interested in making an impact on our community, and having a bachelor’s degree rather then who has the biggest house. Take a moment and think what effect this would have on our country’s cities...

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