American Dream (Pointless)

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“As time goes on we get closer to that American Dream of there being a pie cut up and shared. Usually greed and selfishness prevent that and there is always one bad apple in every barrel.”

While Rick Danko’s quote about the American Dream does not quite relate to the essay at hand, you can’t obviate how right that is. So, yes, the American Dream. It’s become a widely accepted sociocultural, aesthetic, and philosophical set of fake ideals that makes America the proud of country of what the world is. It is a fine antonomasia (officially used nickname) for the metaethics America follows, a world of legend and where everyone else that is not an America is subhuman. Apple pie, rolling hills of green and yellow, baseball, cloudless and sunny skies, lawyer haters, coffee inhalers, pharmacies, drive-through banks, Diet Coke, hypocrites, rich folk who are still lawyers, Green Berets, and the world’s second highest incarceration rate. Now that – that’s a damn fine country.

Okay, all jokes aside, The United States of America really is one of the best countries in the world, if not the. The rumors are true and having always been true, ever since its inception in 1776, on that faithful day. I’m sure that every American and his or her dog have heard about the so-called American Dream, an accepted nickname for the ‘Dream’ that all Americans follow, what immigrants want and expect when they set sail into our country, where age is just a number. The set of ethics we follow to become true and proud members of America, bout doing what you want to be successful in. It is about going for your dream(s) no matter what anyone says. It focuses a great deal on individuality and power that one could hold. It is about freedom to think, say, and do what one wants to do.

…So why again are there so many unemployed?

Okay, no, that’s certainly not the point of this essay. It’s to actually delve into whether modern day society actually follows these ideals or not. Do they? Most of the time. But not all, and certainly not where it entirely matters. There’s not an exceptional amount of Americans who actually follow both the stereotypical and factual American Dream, but there’s certainly not a low amount. A hundred years ago, you would be caught dead before breaking the rules or going outside what the Dream expected you to… well, dream. So what’s changed?

Lack of Desire to Work

Let’s get this straight – greed is a thing. People keep posting about greed and money as if it is the most evil thing in the world, but Greed is good as it is evolution in a nutshell. A good amount of the American Dream’s ethics is that it encourages all people to work in a middle-class Capitalist society: where it is the exploitation of man by man and communism is the reverse. We only called it the American Dream because we are Americans, but the truth is every human being has dreams and goals; the dream in itself is extensive and infinite, just like your ideas. But certainly one of the main things the Dream pushes people to do is just this: to work.

The American dream is something each generation should work harder to attain. So why is it that our society is going downhill? The answer is simple: nobody is trying to work hard anymore.

You see your friends not caring and so you stop caring for fear of persecution, but if you stopped caring and your friends followed, it would be a chain reaction, would it not?

US Unemployment Rate is at 7.90%, compared to 7.80% last month and 8.90% last year. This is higher than the long term average of 5.80%. It’s a very common topic in politics, as evidenced by the exciting-as-watching-dirt-talk debates of recent times, that there should be more jobs because it’s an endless competition. (We can stop blaming the Recession eventually)

From a critical perspective, that makes a certain amount of sense. And yet, it’s a pointless topic to talk about, because even with more jobs, there will...
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