American Dream Narrative

Topics: James Truslow Adams, Psychology, Parent Pages: 4 (1636 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Georgeanne Harter
AP Language and Composition
Tlumack – 2X
11 March 2013

My Personal American Dream
In the book, The Epic of America, written in the year of 1931, author James Truslow Adams was the first to give a “clear” definition of what the American Dream really is. He stated that the American Dream is “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” (Truslow 214). Although his definition describes what the American Dream is, it does not explain what everyone’s American Dream is throughout the world. This is because each person has their own idea of a perfect life, therefore giving them their own distinct Dream and ways to achieve it. For some people, the ideal and perfect life may mean finally leaving their home country and traveling to America to be successful and prosperous. For others, it may mean getting married, having two beautiful children living in a three bedroom house with a white picket fence. Although several people may have the same outcome they would like to accomplish, it is how they get there that distinguishes them from the rest. As a young, only child, I determined what I wanted my American Dream to be and that was to grow up underneath the influence of my parents and have the perfect family with a dog, but I still have yet to make it there. Sometimes, some people just have to wake up and realize that their American “Dream” is more like an American “Nightmare.”

I was doing everything in my power to make sure I kept a good realtionship with my mother and father. Seeing as I was only in first grade when I realized what I really wanted my life to be like, I made sure I did everything possible to keep my parents happy, which in turn would be a cause for a good relationship. I was doing well in school and I very rarely ever got into trouble so I figured I was on the right track. It was one day after I came home from a...
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