"American Dream" in the Present Day

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  • Published : November 29, 2006
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What is the American Dream?
Since the start of the twentieth century America has attracted people all over the world to relocate and start a new life. For many coming to America was a chance for a better life and new things. They all had something in common, they all had a dream, that dream was the "American Dream". In the present day the desire to achieve the dream hasn't changed. However, the idea of the American Dream, brings up a lot of questions. What is the American Dream? Who defines it? Can it be achieved? Lastly, should everyone have a chance to achieve it? What is the American Dream? When this question was asked on the first day of class, there were many different answers as to what makes up the American Dream. Some people said having a good job, having a nice home, and making good money. While others said living in a country where one has political freedom, we have equal rights, and there is safety for children. Educational opportunities, such as going to college as came up in the discussion. However, the components of the dream, can be different for each person, especially for those who are migrating to this country. One example was found, in an article that appeared in the newspaper USA Today, titled "Immigrants Want Land of Opportunity". In this article different people give their versions and opinions of the American Dream. Jesse Valdez tells the story of how her mother came into this country from Mexico, in hopes of finding a better life. However the better life was not for her it was for her children. She gave up ever ything she knew back at home in order to secure that her daughters could live the American Dream. Many immigrants do not come to this country in order for themselves to reach the American Dream, many of the sacrifice their lives for the children to grow up in a place filled with better opportunities. ‘America is a land of immigrants' stated Patrick J. Walsh, who was quoted in the San Gabrial Valley Tribune, in the article...
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