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Topics: United States, United States Declaration of Independence, Thirteen Colonies Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Cairo Derdevanis

What Is The American Dream?

The American Dream is the National essence of the United States. Its a collection of the best possible ways to ensure the opportunities for success. The meaning of the American Dream has changed and altered over the course of history, and involves a worldwide vision. Originally it was envisioned towards the “Frontier Life”, and was to create a vintage paradise. The concept of The American Dream is rooted from The United States Declaration Of Independance, in that there shouldn’t be restrictions against class, race, or ethnicity. That was the genuine and original idea.

The idea of The American Dream dates back to the 1600’s, before the US. People began to have all kinds of hopes, ideas, and ambitions for the unexplored continent. Most of the hopes and dreams were of owning land, and starting successful businesses. Throughout the Great Depression in the 1930’s, authors wrote about the impractical American Dream. All thirteen colonies fought together against the British army, but by the end of the American Revolution, things had changed. The southern colonies had different perspectives than those of the northern colonies. The northern colonies were against slavery and wanted a federal government. The southern colonies wanted a “supreme” state for themselves, and they did support the slavery system which supplied inexpensive labor. All of these different opinions and arguments eventually lead to the Civil War.

Today, the thought of The American Dream isn’t very helpful and many Americans have lost faith in it. Due to bad economy, loss of jobs, education cuts and tax rises and whatnot. Surprisingly, the acts of USA trying to create some superiority over all the countries was perceived as The American Dream by many people. Because Canada was created, there was no way for the US to expand. So, the US spread to the East. And aided South Korea against North Korea to weaken...
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