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  • Published : February 25, 2012
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The American Dream Essay
James Adams wrote in his book the phrase American Dream which is now a famous logo of the U.S. The American Dream is the hope which individuals arrived the United States upon, the hope that they will be more prosperous and there will be a variety of opportunities in the United States of America, today this is not possible to everyone because becoming prosperous is really difficult and there might not be a job awaiting the individual due to the unemployment rate but it was possible in the 1700’s.

There was a time when the American Dream was possible and that was during the early 1700’s to 1950. During this period there was not a lot of competition and a higher employment rate. Having less competition would help the immigrants to seek their various new opportunities which awaited them in America. The roaring twenties had pulled around so there was a huge economic boom which was essential to the new immigrants, and overall hard work was not required to get a job. In Native Speaker, Chang Rae Lee’s father was easily able to get a job as soon as he reached the U.S, not only that because of the economic boom he was also able to make a grocery store to further increase his own profit. In Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne the puritans wanted to build a new society wanted to prosper and begin anew they also wanted to travel to a new land where such opportunities existed. Hawthorne himself told that they did establish a utopia from England therefore the American Dream was possible during the early 1700’s.This proves that the American Dream was once possible but today there is an array of obstructions in the path to the person trying to achieve the American Dream.

There are a variety of challenges to the reason that American Dream is not attainable today, some of them are difficult and other’s not that much. In this century the American Dream is not attainable to those who are not willing to work hard to get a better opportunity....
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