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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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The American Dream
In texts 2, 3, and 4 the American Dream is interpreted in very different ways. In text 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger writes about how he came to the United States, because of the opportunities. He dreamt of coming to America, The Promised Land, so he could fulfill his own American Dream of becoming and American. His definition of the America Dream is that you, by hard work, can become anything you would like. Meaning the beggar on the corner, can rise and become the wealthiest and most successful man in the country. He came from Austria and had nothing. He hardly spoke any English, but with hard work and a lot of English lessons, he made the way to the top as governor of California (also known as “The Govenator”, due to his successful acting in the movie trilogy “Terminator”). Before the title as governor of California; he turned into a wealthy man, from a successful career as an actor. Schwarzenegger became an American and a person of interest; he took advantage of the freedom and the opportunities and made his dream come true, the American Dream. Texts 3 and 4 give another view of the American Dream. In text 3 Anya Kamenetz writes that the American Dream is dead. The statement lies in the fact that the most basic idea of the American Dream is that one’s wealth should keep developing, and that people do not believe in it anymore. In these times it is close to impossible to become both rich and happy, due to high prices and an expanding unemployment rate, in the states. Kamenetz also questions how wealth will make people happy, and states that rich people have less free time compared to the poorest fifth of the Americans. In fact, not surprisingly, the top earners have far less free time than the poorest fifth of Americans, and their average mood is not better. She believes that the American Dream needs to be updated, so that it does not focus on wealth but instead on giving more time to the individual and less pressure on the planet’s...
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