American Dream

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., United States, Katharine Lee Bates Pages: 4 (1667 words) Published: November 5, 2013

My American Dream

For many years people have always been living in America but do not really know what the American Dream really is. I feel that the American Dream can vary on what it means because most people think very differently. To me though the American Dream means what I have accomplished in life, how I make my life decisions, and the way I am able to live life to the fullest. I have read and seen many different scenes in life that have made me to make the definition on what the American dream means to me. Even though people may tell me to do other things in life I will always try to keep a straight mind set towards what God has told me to do and what I really need to do with my life. Many Fellow Americans and I strive for the American dream in life, for this reason I will keep on trying to accomplish what the American dream means to me. The Declaration of Independence was written for Americans to stay united, have freedom, and to fight together arm in arm. The three words that really stood out to me in the document were "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" these words many different meanings but I have my own meanings for them. Life is really hard to put a straight definition to but to me I feel that it means what I need to do for myself and why I was born. Liberty means to me that I can live any way I want to and nobody is able to stop me no matter what the consequences are. Happiness is really how I feel about my life and how accomplish I am. These three words all have a part in what the American Dream means to me. In "America the Beautiful" by Katherine Lee Bates, she also uses very powerful words like the “Declaration of Independence” I am able to see a part of the American Dream to

me when Bates uses "O beautiful for patriot dream / That sees beyond the years". When I hear for patriot dream I see that it is a free dream not a dream that was made for me but I can make my own. That sees...
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