American Dream

Topics: United States, Failure, Success Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: April 24, 2013
The Evolution of the American Dream
            The traditional form of the American Dream is portrayed through hard work, the ability to better yourself, and financial success. Throughout the course of time, not only do customs change, but the ideals of the American Dream are modified as well. In most cases the basic characteristics of the traditional American Dream is translated through the actions of a successful society. Although this philosophy does not imply to the modern beliefs of the American Dream, many individualists began speculating that there are two options to the ideal American Dream, whether it’d be success or failure itself.             Many who came to the United States thought of it as an icon of freedom and success. They viewed the United States as a “magical place” (Obama-84), where anyone can fulfill dreams. For instance, Obama states in his “Keynote Address”, that in a generous America “you don’t have to be rich to achieve your potential” (Obama-84). As Obama goes on his Keynote Address, he explains that America is an “open door” (Obama-86) to success for those who desire to explore the opportunities that it holds. For those who came to America, it was a place of opportunities and a gateway to success.             Throughout history, society’s success has exceeded struggles and hardships. No matter ethnicity or social status if, one puts effort and dedication they can achieve the key to a promising future. In Dan Rather’s essay “They Live the Dream”, Rather gives inspirational, personal encounters of individuals that through struggles achieved success. With a “ten thousand dollar loan” (Rather-41) Delores Kesler, a divorced single mother, began her staffing agency in 1977. “With a serious of dead end jobs [she struggled] to make ends meet” (Rather-41). Likewise, Wayne Ford who was a troubled high school student and angered toward racism, fulfilled his dream in “politics and in charge of a community center” (Rather-42). He states “the...
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