American Dream

Topics: John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, Psychology Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Every American has their own interpretation of the American dream. Now for many people their American dream is nearly unobtainable, even if they work their whole life for it. Most people have lost belief in the American dream, the thought that they could achieve anything has vanished. With their dreams being crushed and their hopes being broken, the American dream is slowly fading away. There is however some people who still believe in the American dream, but many of these people have already obtained it and are living it now not thriving to reach it. Other less fortune people still think it exists but it’s hard when the job market is failing and the home foreclosure rate is rising. Americans are losing their homes and jobs and with it losing their piece of mind too. That’s not what people imagined when they were growing up as kids. The trust and faith of Americans is declining. At one point the American Dream was for immigrants, now it seems like the American dream is not as much for people arriving from outside the United States but rather for those living in it. It is considered a birthright. We are a country of people struggling to make ends meet and reach the status of middle class both as Americans citizens and newly arrived immigrants. The dream is no longer easily attainable; it’s more of a thought of hope and security rather than an actual possibility. Another reason the American dream is fading is because people expect way too much and have high hopes and expectations. The original American dream was a stable job, the two-story house with a picket fence, food on the table and a car. Now people are dreaming bigger, so when the classic American dream is fulfilled, people often just want more, more, and more. It may be society to blame or it may be just simple greed. Whatever the reason, it’s slowly pushing the American dream out of reach and their hope for a better tomorrow. Education is a key point of the American dream, the more education you have,...
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