American Dream

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Many people come to America in search of the American Dream. The term “American Dream” refers to a promise given to those new to our country. The American dream offers hope to people regardless of their background, and gives everyone an equal opportunity. America still provides access to the American Dream, to the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses. However, it is not easy to achieve.

Although everyone has access to the American Dream, it is not easy to achieve. In order to make you dreams come true, you need to do a little more than wishing on a falling star. You have to put blood, sweat, and tears in to it, which is exactly what Martin Espada meant when he wrote “Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper”. In the poem he explains how a sixteen year old high school student would work after school at a printing plant. The student explained the paper cuts he would get, and how the glue would ooze onto the cuts. Then 10 years later in law school he knew “every open lawbook was a pair of hands upturned and burning.” He had to work hard in order to get into law school and to achieve his dreams.

On the other hand, there are people who simply do not work hard to fulfill their dreams, or maybe just don’t have any. In the song “Harlan Man” written by Steve Earle, you can tell that the narrator doesn’t really know anything other than mining. So how can we say America doesn’t provide access to the American Dream, when it is really us who don’t look for it? In the song he says “I’m a mountain man, Born in east Kentucky and here I’ll stay.” so obviously he isn’t looking to go any farther with his life than he is now. Despite the opportunities this country has given us, there are some of us who complain about the way we are living, but choose not to do anything to change it.

Another example of a hardworking American who achieved their dream is Eileen Collins. Since she was a little girl she knew she loved airplanes and wanted to fly. Eileen began to save up money...
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