American Cultural Influences on Young People of Romania

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American cultural influences on young people of Romania

Realised by: PANU CRISTINA

Bucharest 2012

American cultural influences on young people of Romania

The Abstract
The present study aims to present the phenomenon which affects the Romanian tradition. I speak here of pronounced dissemination of cultural elements from overseas in Romania. Thus, although it is well documented that the language, film, music, food and dresscode of Americans are well established in current practice, my research purpose is to analyze the frequency with which those terms appear in daily cultural manifestations. In same time, I intend to identify the possible causes of the phenomenon, from consulting the specialized literature and theories about the behavior, assimilation and affectivity. For this research, I chose a mixed methodology as to getting the most representative results. First, I will use the research done by experts in their field and my own research carried from young people. Thus, the research base will be the secondary analysis and investigation. Also, I will make references to information from the observations of the respondents in the daily activity (linguistic and behavioral manifestations of young people in public). The information obtained with the instruments allows us to draw conclusions from the questions asked at the beginning of this research. The processing of information helps us respond to what degree American culture has penetrated the conceptions of young people in Romania and what are the causes of cultural assimilation. So I tried to emphasize the existence of the phenomenon amongst the targeted segment and try to find a possible explanation for this effect.

Research Seminar 1

American cultural influences on young people of Romania

The American influence on Romanian culture is more and more obvious: we copied the language and lifestyle overseas, we have adopted the holiday, and even the heroes. / Razvan Pritulescu /


treatment of

this subject, respectively,


execution of


research was

chosen according to socio-cultural problems that we confront today, namely, the subrogation of ancestral Romanian custom with elements of American culture, a phenomenon mainly

observed in the behavior and language of young people born after 1989 who have a different mentality than their predecessors and have changed the system because they are most

rebellious, stubborn and disobedient to what goes around, they don't accept what is imposed if they do not agree with their principles and they manifests theirselfs with greater rigidity and strength than their values and beliefs are affected. So, with opening the doors to the West, after the fall of the Soviet Empire, has held are orientation of the Romanians regarding „ideal”. The American dream becomes an universal dream, without exception the case of Romania. Romanian society is seen in front of

a giant who leaves the impression of all knowledge and power, admiration for the lifestyle, for ideals, for eating and dressing habits , for technological performance had no walls. USA was seen as a clean, fresh air, like a summer rain after a long and painful suffocation. American culture has provided freedom for the frightened and tormented Romanian people by the Communist yoke! The freedom to say what you want, wear what you desire, you externalize culturally according with the needs of the soul without negative

consequences that is why the impact of the United States is so radically and so well rooted in Romanian society. I intend to give answer to the following questions: How is this impact perceptible on the target group? This phenomenon is widespread or relatively low? I mention here that the age segment on which research was conducted is 18-23 years. Why I chose this interval of time? It's certainly the great invasion of American culture that has bestowed upon us since 1989. So people who are...
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