American Corrections: the Important Source

Topics: United States Constitution, Prison, United States Bill of Rights Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: February 11, 2011
Ryan Ramsook
January 19, 2011
Instructor Goldmeier
American Corrections
Phase 3 db

The important source of correctional law according to my instructor she acknowledged that the bill of rights is very important basically that’s not only a source it’s a big one for our correction system throughout the United States (Bartollas, 2002). The prisoners from our system rights are strictly limited and rights that fall under the bill of rights in addition to the bill of rights must be important to them and restore to prisoners. And not all of them they keep contact to courts and due process of the law (Goldmeier, 2011). According to my instructor the main source of correctional law would be the internal grievance mechanism here are examples of grievances that is ordinary plus when inmates files grievance starting with they claim for an early release and did not receive it. They charge that the correction guard issue disciplinary ticket rudely. The complain regards to that the work or assignments were not right. The claims that offender was classified incorrect. The charges to property was lost and confiscated. Here is frequent corrective procedures create treacherous disturbances, disobey of orders, destroy property, possessing hazardous smuggled goods, and engage in sexual misbehavior. According to my instructor she stated the grievance procedure and the effects this goes with question one also member of grievance board is drawn from inside the prison, the offender can appeal the decision regards to appealing to private citizens on board correctional manager. The offender has the precise right to present evident and the witness plus the right to be present at hearing. The duty of grievance process would be develop a better prison management, decrease the offender irritation, and aid them in rehabilitation. Decease number of cases offenders takes toward court plus brings justice to prisons what in my opinion is make the prison safe free from harm’s way and show...
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