American Conspiracy Theory

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April 10, 2013
Fact or Fiction: The JFK Assassination
With the incredible amount of conjecture in the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, the mystery of what actually occurred still lies shrouded in mystery and hangs heavily over our heads today. From one theory to another, there is simply no telling what the real honest motive in killing the enigmatic President truly was. Among some of the various and fantastic theories, are those involving: the Chicago mafia, Lee Harvey Oswald attempting the murder by himself, and best of all both sides of our own the U.S. government. Alas, after numerous investigations, there is no hard tangible proof, for any one of these theories to put the mystery to rest.

On November the 22nd in 1963, Kennedy was riding in an open limousine, with his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, at his side. The Texas governor, Connally and his wife, were seated in front of the Kennedy's, the governor seated in front of the President, two Secret Service agents on guard in the limousine's front seat. The car began to roll, and soon after Kennedy's limousine turned from Houston Street down onto Elm Street into Dealey Plaza, people began to hear shots ring out. Less than a second after Kennedy's limousine passed beneath a oak tree, Kennedy looked as if his arm swept up to grab his throat or upper chest with both hands. Kennedy's wife Espinosa 2

Jacqueline, seated on his left, quickly turned to see what was going on with her husband. In front of the seemingly injured President and his wife, "Governor Connally showed clear signs of having been struck by a bullet about half a second after Kennedy began to bring his hands up toward the area of his throat"(Griffith 1). A few beats passed after the first shot was heard, horrified witnesses saw the President's head hot with a bullet. Witnesses saw the shot to the Presidents head and recounted what they saw: "he raised his right hand, as though to brush back his tousled chestnut hair. But the motion faltered. The hand fell back limply. He had been reaching for the top of his head. But it wasn't there any more"(Manchester 158). This final and most fatal shot was the last to be heard from the unknown gunman; as the limousine then sped off toward nearby Parkland Hospital, the injured passengers and horrified wives pinned in fear and coated in their husbands blood.

Now, after forty-two years, numerous conspiracy theories still circulate around us all like a heavy raincloud today. A large portion of these theories understandably began the day the assassination took place. Feelings of shock, anger, disbelief, and a wide array of grief rocked the people, just as it still does today. This was the first assassination of an American President in modern times. There had only been 3 previous successful assassinations previous to Kennedy; the most recent having taken place 62 years prior.

In a review of the article, "Latest JFK Theories," is says: "To study the assassination of John F. Kennedy is to study American history, politics, organizing crime, government, and much more" (latest JFK Theories 1). This much has become understood and clear: that four shots were Espinosa 3

fired at President Kennedy, there were three from behind, and one from the front right of the President's limousine. Several attempts have been, and continue to be made to try to piece together this frightening and unanswered puzzle into some sort of conclusion that makes sense to the unanswered questions plaguing the nation. It is hard to deduce what really happened in Dealey Plaza on that fateful day, but at the same time the most respected theory has pointed the finger at the Chicago mafia. While much of the organized crime at the time was not involved on a national level, it is probable that local mafia members played some sort of role in the assassination.

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