American Company in Global Market

Topics: Jeans, Levi Strauss & Co., Levi Strauss Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Assignment n*3: American Company in Global Market.|
Assignment Instructions:
Please choose an American company who had successfully expanded into the global market, discuss it's difficulties and achievements. 1 to 1.5 pages. Levi Strauss & Co, denim’s company, was the creator, in 1873, of today’s trendy product: Blue Jeans. The owner, an American named Levi Strauss, started its company in San Francisco. Today, it operates in 110 countries, and half of its revenue is from outside of the United States. Levi Strauss is considered a global company, since its product are sold internationally, its personnel includes foreigners, and second headquarter in Brussels, Belgium. Its first and main headquarter is still in San Francisco. The other one is strictly for customers in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Before going international, Levi Strauss already had experience with selling to various different customer profiles with conventional and unconventional means. When blue jeans were created, their targeted customers were men, working men. The design made the pants comfortable and convenient, thanks to the pockets in strategic places and the resistant fabric. In 1934, the women got their first blue jeans through the “Lady Levi’s” brand. The pants had to be adapted to a female body and to a woman’s need for comfort and esthetic. Strauss first active step to the international markets was in 1959, when its product was exhibited at the “American Fashion Industries Presentation” in Moscow. Thanks to its apparition, the company appointed an export manager to take care of the garments sales in Europe. In 1965, Levi Strauss international and Levi Strauss Far East are established. It was the beginning of the expansion of Europe and Asia. In 1986, the company diffused its first television commercials in Europe. It slightly adapted the image of the jeans to the Europeans’ tastes by adding rock and roll music and a romantic atmosphere. The brave and cool cowboy gets...
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