American Colonization

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First experience of the
United States at
It was never the stated
intention of America to
colonize the Philippines

“the Philippines are ours not
to exploit, but to develop and
civilize, to educate, to train in
the science of self –
President McKinley
US congress (1899)


To pursue a manifest
destiny for America as world
To use the Philippines as a
source of raw materials for
U.S industries and as the
market for U.S manufactured

To use the Philippines
as a military and naval

To have a refueling
port for Americans ships
servicing their interests
in China.

August 14, 1898
General Wesley Merrit as the
first military Governor
governed the Philippines
Gen. Elwell S. Otis
Gen. Arthur McArthur
The Military Government 1898 - 1901.

Greatest achievement of the
military Government in the
the pacification of the country
and the laying down of the
foundation of the civil regime.
It introduced the American
School system, with soldiers as
the first teachers

It organized the civil courts,
including the Supreme Court

Local governments were
established in towns and
The first local election
General Henry W. Lawton in
Baliwag, Bulacan on May 7, 1899.

The Philippine Commission
January 20, 1899
Schurman Commission

Dr. Jacob G. Schurman
Maj. General Elwell S. Otis
Rear Admiral George Dewey
Charles Denby
Dr. Dean C. Worcester

March 4, 1899

failed to accomplish its mission
owing to the exigencies of war

•The establishment of a
territorial form of government
with a legislature of two housesthe lower house to be elective and the upper house to be half-elective
and half-appointive;

Withdrawals of military rule in
the pacified areas
The conservations of natural
resources of the Philippines for the
The organization of autonomous
local government
The opening of free elementary
The appointment of men of high
ability and good character to
important government offices.

Second Philippine Commission
March 16, 1900
Taft Commission
•Judge William Howard
H. Taft
•Dr. Dean C.
•Mr. Luke E. Wright
•Mr. Henry C. Ide
•Professor Bernard

June 3,1900
an act appropriating P2,000,000
- construction and repair of
roads and bridges in the
From September, 1900 to
August, 1902, it enacted a total
of 499 laws.

Movement for Peace
June 21, 1900,
Gen. McArthur, issued a
general amnesty to the
patriots in arms

Many took advantage and
surrendered and returned
to their homes and

Filipinos who worked with
the Taft Commission to
bring peace
Dr. T.H. Pardo de Tavera
Cayetano Arellano
Felipe Buencamino
Dr. Pedro Paterno
Florentino Torres

December 23, 1900
Federal party (first political
party in the Philippines).
worked for the restoration of
peace, collaboration with America
for the future admission of the
Philippines as a state in the
American Union.

Exile of the Filipino Leaders
in Guam
•Apolinario Mabini
•Artemio Ricarte
•Gen.Maximo Hizon
•Gen. Pio del Pilar
•Pablo Ocampo


repudiated the Federal Party
and refused to collaborate with
the Americans or accept any
office under the new
Rise and Fall of the Philippine
Republic (written English and

Civil Government
July 4, 1901
William Howard H.
Taft as the Civil

executive powers
exercised by the Military

head of the Philippine
Commission and continued the
legislative body

Dean C. Worcester, secretary of
the Interior

Henry C. Ide, secretary of Finance
and Justice

Luke E. Wright, secretary of
Commerce and Police
Bernard Moses, secretary of
Public Instruction

He faced the deplorable economic
situation of the Filipinos
He worked for the passage of the
Philippine Bill of 1902
purchase of the...
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