American Colonists so Called “Habit for Self-Government.”

Topics: United States, Sociology, Crime Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Traditional colonists were established by cultural groups who had authority to control; most were married with families, morally correct, less likely to use profanity or indulge in drugs and alcohol, and attend church on also known as “Model Citizens” or “Status.” These political people created something we know as “Habit for self-government” which was discovered centuries ago. The qualifications for self-government are the result of habit and long training. Training consist of the following, supporting laws and order, education, structure, belief and confidence. American colonist independence allowed man to segregate by gender, money, ethnicity, and environment by living status. Today most successful Americans, are viewed as a statically group, tend to act virtuously but hesitating to have knowledge of doing so. Despite the wealthy and poor classes we still have some of the same habits. Regardless of the culture we display habits order, survival, family, working, criminal behavior and education. However, depending on your status my effect your outcome because judges, police officers, postal workers, welfare recipient and race are not all treated the same for the even if they have the same job or commit the same criminal act. The punishment will not be the same, we have rights but those are limited or monies are differentiated based on status and gender. People of the United States are constitutionally and conscientiously, republicans and democrats. Man created what he perceives society needs in order to have status. With this he has the right to regulate and control, jointly with all those who have concurred in the procurement. The American Dream is more effective for immigrants then for us Americans. Unfortunately, the government has to much self power which effects the people with little to no power and less wealthy. We are raised and it’s imbedded in our thoughts that education is the key and power however, education is always cut. This doesn’t...
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