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Title: American Cold War Policies


The Cold War was a period of Conflict & Tension due to the clash of ideologies between the remaining Superpowers - USSR & the USA when the dust finally settled on WW2. While the main disagreement started on the issue of rebuilding Europe & the World way before the Yalta Conference, the geopolitical tension, suspicion, between said countries led to Wars by proxy & influence beyond Europe. The US wanted to rebuild Germany, Japan & the affected nations by allowing for capitalist democracy & free markets while supporting the economy in the beginning with an infusion of technology, business & creation of markets, among others. USSR saw this is a veiled effort by the US to 'Americanize' the world and pushed for a Socialist make-over in their 'areas of responsibility' after the division of rebuilding responsibilities. The ultimate expression of this conflict between American Democracy & Russian Communism was the erection of the Berlin Wall that became the frontline in the war. As such, Germany today is rife with American, British, & NATO military bases. Russia still maintains presence but the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90's pretty much shut down Soviet military activities within Germany.

At the height of the Cold War though - half a century of intense political & military confrontation between Russia & the US various 'Fronts' for it emerged. Technology-wise there was the Race for Space that eventually led the first Human Landing on the Moon. It was the 'Containment Policy' of then US President Harry S. Truman through an appeal from UK PM Winston Churchill re: the Communist insurgency in Greece in 1947, who were of course backed by the Kremlin. Truman's aid to help Greece weed out communist insurgency later on became the policy model for the 'War-against-Communism-by-proxy' front. This is the very reason that brought the Americans to the aid of South Korea, a democratic nation against rival North Korea, a communist nation led by a secretive & suspicious military tyrant & backed of course by the USSR. The Success of the American Military intervention led by Gen. Douglas McArthur who managed to secure South Korea from North Korean invasion elicited a warning from Communist Giant China. President Truman & NATO as well as the UN however were elated at the results despite the troop loses. While Russia closed down talks with the rest of the world except other communist nations, the UN, NATO & the US became all the more worried at what Russia would do to 'turn' the world towards communism. The US therefore took to the creation of an American Democratic presence in Asia, particularly in the South East Region as it is a good launching pad for the Cold War efforts geographically.

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Title: The Philippines - an American 'Colony'


The Treaty of Paris in 1898 after the Spanish American War allowed the US to Annex the Philippine archipelago, a former Spanish colony situated stregically in the South East of the Pacific surrounded by China, Vietnam, Malaysia & Indonesia to the West with the vast Pacific Ocean, Micronesia & Polynesia to the East. Australia is an easy reach via a water passage to the South as well as the rest of SEA - Burma, Thailand, and Laos through the air. South Asia being at the border of Burma-Thailand allowed for the US to 'check on the state of things' in India & its neighbours- the 'Stan' countries, i.e. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc.

From 1898-1935, the Philippines, like Guam & the Marianas was a U.S. Territory. When World War 2 broke out through Japan in Asia Pacific, the Philippines had already been declared an American Commonwealth gearing for Independence and was a very important American strategic territory and as such became a Japanese target for takeover. While the Japanese successfully booted the Americans out for a short while, Gen. Douglas...
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