American Civil War Portfolio

Topics: Typography, American Civil War, Primary source Pages: 4 (848 words) Published: May 9, 2011
American Civil War Portfolio

Description: You will create a portfolio that includes primary documents, writing, and the self-analysis of your project. This project will be completed independently and the majority of the project will be completed on your own time.

Grade: Your portfolio will count as a major grade for the third six weeks.

Due Date: December 9 (A-day) and December 10 (B-day) at the start of class.

Writing Requirements:
Each essay must be
- Two pages in length
- Have an original title
- Double spaced
- Written in Times New Roman font
- 1” margins
- Contains a separate Works Cited page

Portfolio Requirements:

1) You must use a folder for your portfolio with three center brads. Please do not use a binder for your portfolio. 2) You must have a Title Page and a Table of Contents
3) All pages, except for dividers must be numbered and align correctly with the Table of Contents 4) You need 5 Dividers for your project. They do not have to be labeled, but you may choose to do so. 5) All of your work MUST be cited. For dividers 1 - 4 of your portfolio, you will have Works Cited pages. It is recommended that you use Noodle Tools to complete your bibliographies.

1) Title Page

2) Table of Contents

3) Divider 1: Primary Sources from 1850 – 1877
- You will use the internet or your textbook to find primary sources from the time period listed above. You may use photographs, newspaper articles, political cartoons, letters, poems, song lyrics, etc. - You MUST cite each of the sources that you use in your works cited page at the end of this section. - All pages should be numbered and detailed in the Table of Contents

4) Divider 2: FRQ 1- Pre-Civil War
- Answer the following prompt in essay format. Be sure to follow the writing requirements listed above when writing your essay. - Please be sure to include an...
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