American Civic Values Essay 3

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Political philosophy Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: October 26, 2010
The beliefs and values that all members of our society share are our American Civic Values. The most basic belief is freedom, but is also justice for all people. Our society tries using many different programs, laws, and regulations to strengthen our civic values. Individuals do many different things such as volunteering, and they also their moral ethical standards to strengthen their American Civic Values. As parents we have to teach our children about good civic values, but do not only teach then that we also teach them about respecting others, and helping share responsibilities for one another in a positive and very supportive way. I feel that today’s society does reinforce American Civic Values, but not as strictly as before. Now one might commit a crime, and just because you have well known parents or you have the money you are able to get out of jail with no penalty. I do not think this is fair for others that are not as lucky. I do have to say that others undermine American Civic Values. They feel that they are nothing but a waste. Many people do not follow the rules because they do not want to follow rules, but also because they were not taught well from wrong. I feel that American Civic Values helps the political aspect by making sure that we are all safe, and that we all know that for our actions there are always consequences. We are aware that if we do something wrong we will be punished. But is also helps politics by staying strong, and showing that there is fairness in everything that is done. As for the cultural aspect of the American Civic Values, culture influences the way people behave because of morals parents have implied in them. So they know that they have to behave and follow the civic values as an American, but also because they know it’s the right thing to do. If one does not follow the American Civic Values, one will get in trouble if caught. Such as stealing or shop lifting.
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