American Citizens Duties to the Government: According to the Constitution

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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American Citizens Duties To The Government:
According To The Constitution
Christopher J Morin
College Of Central Florida

What is our duties and obligations to our country. What is the importance of these duties to our nation, government, and the other citizens of the united states. What is questioned to be the beliefs of those who do not know what is our duties as citizens. and brief examples of our duties and obligations to the government based upon the constitution. It is our duty as citizens to abide by the constitution. To protect the constitution and all it details in. To vote and express out voice through electing representation to speak on our behalf. To serve on a jury to represent the constitution and our government overseeing the rights of the people and to help determine what is just and constitutional by law. It is our duty to obey the laws given to us by the constitution and the government because it is meant to protect and serve us. It is our duty to pay our taxes on time and in a just manner so our government can provide securities to us. It is our obligation if being selected by the draft we go willingly to serve and protect our country, our government, and its people.

How well do you think the average U.S. citizen abides by the Constitution? We mostly hear about what the Constitution does for us. For example the Constitution gives us Articles and Amendments that state our freedoms, rules, and regulations that are either stated or implied for us and our government to follow and uphold. Are you as a citizen truly upholding your part of this written document considered contract that our country was founded upon. What obligations and duties are being upheld by citizens of the United States. Certain obligations are required by our Constitution to be upheld by its nations citizens. An example in short being preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution.

Our jobs as citizens is to ensure that we can fulfill these obligations. Its important we do so that we can in return we can be protected and receive back benefits from our government. Upholding our end of the deal is not difficult if you are a well abled and willing body. Take the effort to help our government function properly so that we as a nation can prosper and provide for our next generations. Constitution is clear on our duties we just need to be willing to fulfill them. The people who take advantage of their citizens duties are prospering our nation so that it can uphold its governmental duties. What we do affects what our government does.

Webster defines as a citizen is this quoted and paraphrased “An inhabitant of a city or town... naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government...” I researched this topic to gain and obtain a grasp on the knowledge of my rights and my obligations or duties as a citizen to benefit my government and my country. Ive found that the tasks and duties which i am well abled to serve, are not difficult to uphold and follow.

One of the most basic obligations as a citizen that i owe my government is just obeying the laws. Now here in America we Have a variety of laws; we have federal, state, and local laws to uphold. Even though you have the right to your own opinion, and maybe not like a law does not mean you have the right to reject or disobey the law. Keeping laws in check is important because they are set by the government to ensure safety and regulation among its people. So obey the law to keep peace and order among others as well as the government.

Another duty as a citizen that i should provide according to the Constitution to my government is serving on a jury. Jury duty, as it is often called is the right to appear in court and help provide a verdict for offenses and crimes against the law of either federal, state, or local government. The ability to help stop those who break the law, providing there be evidence, is a great honor given to us in our country that most...
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