American Children and Teens Is Overweight

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, French fries Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Some Americans do not know that one in three American children and teens is overweight or obese. The articles, If You Pitch It They Will Eat It by David Barbosa , The Battle against Fast Food Begins in the Home by Daniel Weintraub, and Its Portion Distortion That Makes America Fat by Shannon Brownlee, blame certain people for the cause of obesity in America today and come up with some solutions to this problem. The real cause for all these obese people is themselves, or if they are too young to really understand good eating habits then it is their parent’s fault.

Businesses in America also make a big contribution to obesity. It is hard for people to eat right and make the right decisions when all these fast food places are being advertised everywhere. The article If You Pitch It They Will Eat talks about how fast food places are being placed everywhere where a child can see it. “There are SpongeBob Square Pants Popsicles, Oreo Cookie preschool counting books and Keebler's Scooby Doo Cookies. There is even a Play-Doh Lunchables play set” (Barbosa 16). If there is a Barbie in a happy meal from McDonalds, of course, a little girl is going to want that more than a healthy meal. Places are also targeting schools and having the schools sell junk food. It is not just the businesses though it is also an individual’s responsibility.

Many people blame the government and the businesses for obesity in America and don’t see themselves as accountable. A lot of people don’t think there should be such ideas as fast food places but yet they still go there to eat or get their children that food. People should be watching their own diet and children’s diet and make sure they are exercising when needed. “It's not easy, especially when either parents are working, or there is only one parent in the home. Fast food is fast. It can also seem cheap, at least before you start adding the fries and sodas and desserts. And a television or video game can be like an...
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