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American Celebrities

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  • June 2006
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American Celebrities; Of course they are real, but are they real?

Paris Hilton. Is that skin even flesh or is it plastic? Pamela Anderson. Definitely silicone under that baywatch red bikini. Jessica Simpson. Where were those breasts two years ago? Nicole Ricci. Losing weight doesn't happen overnight. Lindsey Lohen. Where did her curves go? She is a stick now. American Celebrities; bodies built on computer. These hollywood hotties see a body they want, and get it. Dropping 10 grand to reconstruct a body is pocket change. Celebrities in America and only America have morphed from role models, talented athletes and musicians to entirely fake beings that glitter and sparkle in the eyes of average Joe's.

Sociologists feel that American celebrities are turning to plastic. Joshua Gamson, a sociologist with a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkley is intrigued by the elite society of American celebrities. Gamson also has made one publication in particular, dissecting this society, called Claims to Fame. Michele Lamont discusses Gamson's work in the American Journal of Sociology. She states, "Gamson sets out to examine the nature of entertainment celebrity in America, focusing on its meaning, its production and its consumption"(1069).

Gamson's book explores the nature of celebrities and comments on the morph from talent to producer talent, meaning that celebrities at one point were celebrities because of their natural born talent, however today, celebrities become celebrities because producers use money to create that beautiful singer, with invasive surgeries, 3 hours in the salon, 4 hours with makeup, and a produced voice, that doesn't belong to that "beautiful singer". Today's leading example, Ashlee Simpson caught lip syncing on Saturday Night Live. It makes one wonder if a computer developed the vocals recorded on her latest album. Gamson states in Claims to Fame , that "fame as it rises to greatness," is gradually being replaced by "fame as artificial production"(16)....

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