American Born Chinese Essay 2

Topics: Chinese mythology, Journey to the West, Sun Wukong Pages: 2 (916 words) Published: February 27, 2011
American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang is about three different characters want to achieve their goals which is they want to escape from the old situation to integrate into a new situation. Gene Luen Yang brings the readers some important information and special massages from American Born Chinese. The information and massages are completely reflecting to the real life of the young American born Chinese in history. In their stories, we can see that they are discriminated by other people; they yearn for changing their original identity and they are hard to accept who they are. In Jin Wang’s story, he moved to the pure white community with his parents from Chinatown in San Francisco. He found that he is the only American born Chinese at school. Moreover, all white students didn’t rather make friends with Jin Wang until he met Wei Chan. Even though Jin Wang speaks English in full, but Asian people are never be acceptable to other white students. For example, in page 96 in American Born Chinese, there are two white students make some disparaging terms for Asian people in front of Jin Wang, Wei Chan and Suzy. The calling of Chink and Gook are not respectful words to Asian people, and it’s the evidence that white students always discriminate other American born Chinese and immigrant students such as Jin Wang and Wei Chan. Another good example, in page 179-184, Amelia dated with Jin; because of Jin is an American born Chinese with Afro but not an all American boy, so Greg was asking Jin to stop date with Amelia anymore. Jin was awake and found that his race and exterior decide his identity. Therefore, he decided to transform to an all American boy-Danny. Jin realized that becoming an all American boy is the only way to integrate into the American society perfectly. So, he gave up his old identity, tradition and culture to create his new life. Finally, Jin revealed his regular form and started to accept who he is, because Monkey King told Jin the story about Wei Chan....
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