American Blood Shed on Disputed Soil

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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American Blood Shed on Disputed Soil

The United States was a nation of curiosity and faith. In 1844 James K. Polk was elected president at a time with him and the nation believing truly in manifest destiny: the belief of faith of the U.S. expanding westward to the Pacific and into the Mexican Territory. This belief lead to the annexation of Texas, making Texas the 28th state. With this addition, border disputes were brought up between Mexico and the U.S. causing conflict. The U.S. offered a purchase of $30 million for New Mexico and California but was shut down by Mexican officials. General Zachary Taylor led 3,000 troops to the disputed area in Texas marking their border. Mexico retaliated and saw this march as an invasion on Mexican territory and a war was broken out. After these incredible events take place you question whether the U.S. was justified in going to war with Mexico. After the dramatic events that occurred leading up to the war, the U.S. was not justified in going to war with Mexico. Although, some people believe otherwise. There are many people that do believe the U.S. was indeed justified in going to war with Mexico. Some people believe it was the United State’s duty, and responsibility to take over Mexico for it didn’t have a strong and stable enough government to control a country (O’Sullivan 185). People believe this because in 1844 Santa Anna was deprived as president of Mexico (Denzer et. al. 294). The belief of the United Sates duty in taking Mexico is incorrect because it is never one country’s duty to take over an independent country’s land to establish a central government. The U.S. started this war with unwelcomed force and extortion and didn’t stop all the way through. In 1845 President James Polk sent John Slidell (U.S. emissary) to Mexico to propose a purchase of California and New Mexico, along with the border agreement as the Rio Grande River. This proposal was refused and shut down by Mexican officials; thus...
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