American Beauty Final

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American Beauty Final

By | Jan. 2009
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American Beauty Final

The movie American Beauty has a lot to do with the social stereotypes and myths about society.
The circle of perception is shown in the movie because the husband, Lester, is stuck in this life he hates when his circle of perception could be so much bigger then that… it’s life all around him, passing him by. The Yin Yan applies whenever they can’t agree as a family about anything. Seems like the only time Lester felt okay about himself was when he caught his wife cheating. He feels like everything is great now because he has reason to divorce his wife and walk around with the perfect “I don’t care,” balanced attitude. At some pints there were the complete polar thinking maps. Life is the straight line and their family is on the negative side because they are screwed up. It all turns out positive in the end though because it when Lester ended up dying in the end so did the problems. Go figure. The examples of the loves and hate trees are everywhere. This family loves one another but despises each other at the same time. The whole movie seems like they are trying to get back at one another for something. The circles of reality have to do with which character you are concerned with. Each person has different dreams or hobbies, like the boy next door who always films everything. The are all people from different backgrounds and just happen to live in the same crazy community. The new boy next door is a total introvert. He likes to be alone in his room. At night you see him filming people or neighbors, and even at school he always keeps to himself. I would characterize the boy next door as an air person because he is very logical in the way he speaks and thinks and he totally lives in his own head. He thinks a lot, but that is what he does best, that and film. He shows his emotions to no one, but when he does it’s the girl next door played by Thora Birch. Another character would be the mother played by Annette Bening. She would...

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