American Beauty Film Analisis

Topics: English-language films, Marriage, Love Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Anthony Oliver
Cine 105
Professor Clap
2 October 2011
Film 1 Analysis “American Beauty”

Form is how the movie is portrayed. It’s all the dialogue, action, pictures, and sounds of a movie. While the content of consists of the subject within the movie. During “American Beauty”, Lester and Carolyn are constantly bickering at each other with their daughter Jane, who is stuck in the middle of her two parents gnawing at one another’s throats. The movie shows Lester buying a brand new firebird, the car he always wanted. Also, Lester begins buying weed from his next door neighbor. Finally, Lester has a strange sexual drive for Jane’s friend Angela, who has made him think that he should start trying to look more muscular. All these little aspects complete gaps in Lester’s state of denial. With the genera of drama in place (form), not only Lester disguising his depression, but his wife Carolyn carries out a large burden. Her standards are held so high that her own self cannot overcome her level of success. Her personality alone cause fill in the content of her role throughout the movie. The annoying and bi-polar personality she exhibits gives us enough information to file her in as a large aspect of the film (content). Cinematic Language is how the movie is communicating with the audience. For example, Lester and Ricky are smoking pot together and are talking about how Lester’s last few days have been. Ricky then quits his job because Lester is looking as in idol to him. Also, the roses in the few patterns scenes with Angela are telling us that Lester is very attracted to her. The director enforces the “weirdness” of Ricky and Jane with a very dark cloud hanging over their heads, which anyone can see they have a romantic type of connection lingering between them. Parallel editing is commonly used throughout any drama film. In “American Beauty”, the scene where Carolyn pulls up to the drive through where Lester now works, she is with another man from her real...
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