American Beauty Essay 30

Topics: American Beauty, Mena Suvari, Annette Bening Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Title: American Beauty
There are numerous significant motives in the1999 film entitled American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes. In this film, Lester Burnham-- a 42-year-old, depressed suburban father has a mid-life crisis and voluntarily decides to turn his chaotic life around after developing a fascination for his daughters attractive friend, Angela. Similarly, The title American Beauty is proven to be significant with the satirical lust between Lester and Angela , Lester realizing the beauty throughout his life sincerely, and the American beauty rose used as a symbol. This representation allows the director to ultimately suggest that everyone will see the beauty in America and their lives.

In the movie American Beauty, the lust portrayed is shown very satirically and creates a deep affect on the characters throughout the film. For example, lust is illustrated when Lester notices Angela for the first time and feels instantly compelled to her. Which gives the allusion of beauty but ultimately is very disturbing because of Angela’s age. Although, Lester suddenly feels the need to know Angela. Subsequently, after meeting her he says, “ It’s the weirdest thing I feel like I’ve been in a comma for about 20 years and I’m just now waking up” (American Beauty). In stating this, Lester explains how he felt like he was living every day like the last and not really living at all until he met Angela. To elaborate, Lester states, “The highlight of my day is masturbating in the shower” (American Beauty). By using the word “highlight” sows that it’s the most arousing part of his day which he combines with masturbating. Although, after he meets Angela he feels as though he was “waking up” for the first time (American Beauty). This feeling leads him to start working out, smoking weed, and working at his old teenage job in order to get Angela interested in him. Therefore, the lust shown between Lester and Angela depicts the title American Beauty because of the want or need...
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