American Beauty.

Topics: Family, Death, 72nd Academy Awards Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: March 6, 2013
7 May 2010
American Beauty
American Beauty is a movie arguing the simple and subtle events that take place each and every day in the typical American household. These events that take place are the direct result of ideas of what the American family should look like. The struggles of achieving social acceptance are abundant throughout this film and the different ways of dealing with the realization of being that normal and typical American family can result in life altering circumstances. The everyday tasks and the constant uniform schedule that the majority of Americans conform to, begin to weigh on the feeling of satisfaction in the characters of this movie. Each character realizes the plainness of their life at different points in the story and begin to question whether or not they are truly happy and satisfied at what their life is. Each character deals with the truth in different ways whether it be drugs, affairs, or sex, to displace the feeling of being normal and fulfilling the feeling of living a good life. The film starts off with the voice of Lester Burnham telling the audience that he will be dead in less than a year, foreshadowing the event of his death. His daughter then has a video clip of asking a boy to kill her father Lester, which the audience assumes is the cause of his death. The movie has clear and easy to follow scene sequencing that allows the audience to easily follow what each character is doing and how their plans will affect the others. Each scene keeps the audience guessing on how one character will affect the other. The director does a fantastic job of letting the audience understand what each character thinks they are seeing and believing when the audience really understands what truly is going on. The scene where Colonel Frank Fitts believes he see’s his son with Lester Burnham when in fact the audience knows they are just rolling a joint together. The scenes allow the audience to see what is...
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