American and Russian Values: Different or Alike?

Topics: Russia, United States, Soviet Union Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: December 5, 2011
American and Russian Values: Different or Alike?

Any kind of multicultural communication is based on shared cultural values: socially determined ideas about what is good, right, or desirable. When we explore American and Russian values, we find some interesting similarities that make us realize that establishing communication between our countries is relatively possible. On the other hand, there is great cultural misunderstading between two nations, each of them thinking the other behaves strangely and differently from what is expected.

Say, both Russians and Americans have national loyalty and love to their countries. American citizens have a special pride for being American, which they want everyone to know about. The U.S. flags are flying in the streets and squares of American cities and patriotic slogans can be found everywhere, from ads to school books. American love is mailnly political — they are deeply attached to the sacred ideas of freedom and democracy, as the country is just as young as 500 years, and a loyal American simply doesn't have a sufficient body of traditions to rest his views upon. But still, American people are patriots. So are Russians, whatever you say, despite that our patriotism has different roots. Russian affection to homeland was inherited through deep historical, religious and cultural traditions, and especially the love for the land, beautiful, vast and wealthy. Russian patriotism is somewhat geographical. Still, it is patriotism, and this pride for being part of a certain nation is something we share with the people of the USA.

More than that, both Russia and America regard themselves as chosen nations with a messianic mission. Both countries are vast, rich in resources, both are great military powers, expansionist, and have tamed a wilderness in the past. As a result, the people of Russia and the United States believe their countries are strong enough to expand their national values worldwide. The U.S. citizens view...
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