American Agriculture - Essay

Topics: Economics, Government, Agriculture Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: June 3, 2012
From 1865-1900, America was going through a lot of agricultural changes due to the growth of industrialization. Farmers were the most influenced because they found themselves not making any profit from their crops. The new technologies, government policies, and economic conditions all impacted America’s agriculture. In response to these changes, farmers were being treated poorly and found themselves at a loss when it came to working with large corporate companies such as the railroads. During this time period, the shift from American farmers was beginning to surcome to industrialization. Many technological advances were starting to arise during the mid to late nineteenth century. Especially for farmers, equipments such as the reaper, plow and tractor served as huge production machines (Document D). Farm owners did not have to pay much to hire workers anymore as these machines did most of the job. Unfortunately, these technologies also hurt the farmers because they ended up producing too much which resulted in overproduction. And because the supply was increasing drastically, the demand was lowering which made the price of the products go down (Document A). In addition, farmers had to take out loans when buying these equipments and when they were not making enough profits to pay back the money, they became more and more in debt. But the farmers willingness to use these machines shows that they wanted to take advantages of what the new industrial age had to offer. Large corporations were using farmers to produce goods yet not letting them make any money. Railroads were another big technological advancement for the agriculture in America because it allowed products to be shipped faster around the nation (Document B). But these railroads soon created trouble as they started to implement unfair freight rates on farmers that had to ship their products to the cities. The government did try to step in by putting in the Interstate Commerce Act to stop railroads from...
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