America's Former Childhood Sweetheart

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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America’s former childhood Sweetheart Needs Help

Whether you know her from legendary “The Amanda Show”, “What a Girl Wants” or “She’s the Man”, you know Amanda Bynes is no ordinary actress. Her spunky, witty personality and striking good looks made America fall in love with her the minute she made her appearance on Nickelodeon. Recently, however, headlines have been raving about Amanda and her problems with drugs, alcohol, poor driving and possible mental illness. Maybe the former child star is having some serious bad luck, or she could be bad slump, but what’s frustrating about the entire situation is that she is not seeking any help! So here’s your update on Amanda Bynes, the reasons why she needs help.

First, the 26-year-old actress was arrested at 3am on April 6, 2012 for crashing into the rear end of a police car, clearly under the influence, yet refusing to take a Breathalyzer or blood-alcohol test. This situation is NOT normal: how many of you have crashed into a police car at 3am? That’s what I thought. Second, after she was arrested and her driver’s license was suspended, Amanda proceeded to tweet to Barack Obama, “Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink.” She continues tweeting, “Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run.” Members at her gym also reported that she looked dazed, was talking to herself, and after short bursts on the elliptical, stopped and broke out into random laughter several times. I’m not a professional psychiatrist, but it doesn’t take one to see that this poor girl is not well in the head.

Third, TMZ has compiled its own gallery of Bynes smoking marijuana in her black BMW before munching down some Baja Fresh tacos and smoking up again in a Home Depot parking lot. Additionally, two drivers reported to the LAPD that a vehicle driven by Bynes rear-ended and damaged their cars. They BOTH stated that Bynes stopped briefly, declared there was no damage, and drove off. Is this what a sane person would do?

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