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  • Published : March 5, 2014
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5 sources
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5 sources
1. The Serenity Prayer for Frand Strategy: Nine Step Recovery Method for Reframing Problem Solving “Drug war zone is a physical and cultural construct where competing actors vie for power”. (Sullivan, 2012, Chapter 1) If the United States wants power and control, competing for drug profit amongst the cartels can possibly end drug war which will give them power, control and legal profits. As the saying goes “If one cannot beat them, join them”, this can simply shut cartels out of the marijuana business and gain another way of profit towards the American government. 2. Mexico Drug Policy & Security Review 2012

United States voters of Washington and Colorado are the first and only states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Although Oregon was another state that voted, it did not pass legalization, Mexico’s Institute for Competiveness (IMCO) released a report of the economic effect of legalization in the three states with ballot initiatives. The IMCO reported that the cartel profit of marijuana would be greatly reduced to 30% if these states legalized marijuana and that marijuana trafficked to other states.(Jones, 2013, Chapter 2) 3. The Case of Mexico: A Hard Pillow to Swallow

An overview of the relationship upon Mexico and the United States of America. “How does the US and Mexico see each other? This perception requires a degree of self-introspection and humility. Are we a brother attempting to help our sibling overcome addiction or work through difficult financial times? Are we a spouse in a broken marriage? How we see ourselves defines our national interest.” (Few, 2011, Chapter 3) 4. COIN in Mexico?

Legalizing marijuana will reduce revenue percentage amongst cartels. (SWJ Editors, 2011, p. 1) 5. Criminal Insurgency: Narcocultura, Social Banditry, and Information Operations “Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) are ruthless and...
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