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America the beautiful… more like America the disgusting if you ask me. America, while having certain beautiful aspects, is predominantly just an ugly, poverty-ridden, self-proclaimed “utopia” inhabited by narcissistic politicians and the unequal balance of greed consumed businessmen and the poverty stricken citizens who support it all. Now don’t get me wrong, at one point in history America was beautiful, it held a natural beauty that was quickly becoming a rarity in our world. However, what used to be a place of clean countrysides and beautiful mountain ranges soon became smog-filled concrete jungles and chemical-waste laden rivers. Forests were replaced with factories and open fields with supermarkets. Sadly, at our environment couldn’t handle such an unprecedented intrusion of the natural work of things and for a time, spiraled into a disastrous state. This can best be described in detail through the story of a trip I experienced. This trip that I had the “honor” of attending was my family’s vacation to Chicago, Illinois in the summer of 2010. When the trip was first announced earlier that year in March, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Trips with the family and twelve hour car rides weren’t my thing personally, and I found the idea of going halfway across the country to see a football stadium and a few museums a huge waste of time. To my parents decided it would be a good idea to leave all that “computer stuff” at home and that it would be fun to see the scenery during the trip. Having no say in the matter, I conceded and gave up my tools for conserving my sanity. At the beginning of our so-called “fun-filled adventure”, I spent my time looking at the familiar landscape that I call my home. To be honest, the land surrounding my county, for the most part anyways, is quite beautiful. Even though I’m not a nature person, I have found myself staring into the countryside admiring its untouched beauty, however that all changed as we reached the first break in our...
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