America: Post Revolution 2005 Dbq

Topics: United States, United States Constitution, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 3 (1145 words) Published: April 23, 2013
2005 DBQ Question: American Society Post Revolution
With the Revolutionary War in hindsight, the infantile United States could look forward to its’ existence free from the tyrannical rule of Great Britain. Once liberated, the citizens felt a new sense of freedom in being able to define their own laws, elect their own officials, and control their own trade, domestic and foreign; fundamental differences in life between pre and post England America. However, scars from the Revolution lingered in the minds of the people, resulting in major shifts in the social, political, and economic standards in the period immediately following the war. Now independent, the societies that made up the United States found themselves evolving from their past ties with Britain and its’ way of enforcing its laws. They were now completely self-ruled in their choice of religion, able “to profess… their opinion in matters of religion” or lack thereof (Document D). The morality of slavery was questioned and even abolished in the northern states, like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Women too were included in the societal renaissance of the late eighteenth century. Even in the war, reports of women helping out by bringing water the troops, known as “Molly Pitchers”, were not scarce. Some even took up fallen soldiers posts, such as Mary Ludwig Hayes, who stood on the front lines of battle, taking up arms. Events such as these sparked the fire that would lead to women’s equality in society. The state of New Jersey even allowed for women to vote for a brief amount of time in this period, before disallowing it once more. Even if it took over a century for women’s suffrage to be granted, those who started to question their current “domestic situation to which… [women] seemed destined” made room for females at the table of the American society (Document J). During the war, many women took control of the businesses their husbands left in order to fight. All of these contributions of women...
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