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Topics: Mind, Society, Future Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Only in America does society outcast the overachievers. Not talking about the stars in sports or cheerleading, but those who rise above the standards academically. Leonid Fridman in his article, “America Need Its Nerds”, uses rhetorical devices to argue that nerds are treated as inferior compared to the athletes. Questions, examples, and the idea of “birth to death” are carefully used to argue his point of the treatment these nerds are receiving in today’s society.

Don’t questions get the mind flowing and generate thought that usually don’t come to mind? Well, Fridman makes good use of this device towards the end. “How can a country where typical parents are ashamed of their daughter studying mathematics…?” Japan is one of the world’s most technological advanced country. If America is supposed to win the “race”, then America needs to emphasize more on social skills. Technology does not advance by itself and athletes don’t have the best equipment out there miraculously. Nerds are the cause that advances has occurred throughout time and we benefit from it since we use it every single day. “How long can America remain a world-class power…” if we continue to make the nerds and the geeks feel ashamed of who they are? In many parts of the world, professors and teachers are the most “prestigious and materially” rewarded.

Points are made with the help of examples. Fridman mentions in his article that “Even at a prestigious academic institution like Harvard…” many nerds are there to learn from the best but are frightened to admit their study habits. Although these nerds are there to acquire knowledge, many others go to this high ranked university just to have the bragging rights of attending this high prestigious college.

“Birth to death” concept means that Fridman takes you through the problem, where it came from and where it will lead to in the future. “Children who prefer to read books… become social outcasts” since they refuse to go with the crowd. In the...
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