America Is Still on Top

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Analyzing the Article “America, Still on Top”

American universities currently do a better job overall at preparing students for the society. Vartan Gregorian in his article “America, Still on Top”, declares that one of the great strengths of U.S. higher education is that it grew by “informal design”. He mentions the 1862 Morrill act, which the states were able to found colleges by using federal lands. Also states created universities, junior city and county colleges. In this article Gregorian compare the universities in America with some countries especially China. He talks about the private universities in some countries and discusses the reason that they are not as successful as American’s Universities. Also he talks about the private universities in other countries that try to solve all the problems with money, but they are not successful. Also he tries to relate the quality of universities to the salary of the teachers. At the end he talks about the problem that American universities are facing with it right now. Although American public and private universities are the most expensive universities in the world, but they train the best experts in the world by having the best teachers, best policies for running universities and helping students financially.

In the United States, a whole system does not run the universities. Government does not have control on running all the universities. In some countries like Iran, government is the only one who runs the public and even private universities. In this case there is no competition between universities to be better than others. Also they are using the same method of teaching for many years and do not try to change it. Gregorian states that in communist societies like Soviet Union and China and most of Asia and Latin America, “a central bureaucracy” run universities. The problem is that those systems are unprepared for changing expectations. This is completely true. Today, people...
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