America: Home of the Spoiled

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  • Published : October 7, 2006
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America: Home of the Spoiled
Why should America give anything to New Orleans, let alone other nations? It is understood by many that America sets up countless organizations to help needy countries. However, with the economical power of America and its people, does it do enough? After all America does as much as any other nation. However is it required to do more, being in the position that it is? Why should America look out for anyone other than herself?

The bottom line is that nobody should be able to say where or how we can spend our money as Americans, even if America consumes more than any other nation. That is an interesting thought no doubt. America consumes more than any other nation, sometimes in excess of 300%. Think of all the resources we tear through at alarming speed like gasoline and other fossil fuels. Billions of dollars are wasted on the needless consumer garbage made to quell our need to spend. America is one of the most wasteful nations on earth, and we don't try to hide it, we flaunt it. This is not any one man's fault. This fault lays on the very society of America. The same society that tells us to go bigger, super size it, and be proud of it. America is a down right spoiled nation that will spend one hundred dollars on a pair of jeans just to be cool. Sad that we would spend a hundred bucks on that pair of jeans, that has been grinded with sandpaper and ripped open to show off those ever so nice areas, but most of us wouldn't give a dollar to an aide organization to New Orleans. And, if we wouldn't give a dollar to one of our own states, we most certainly wouldn't give anything to another nation like Indonesia in their time of despair during the tidal wave.

There are many countries out there helpless, while Americas lust for material possessions only grows larger. Children starve to death, while we go to the supermarket and have a whole aisle devoted strictly to one's breakfast cereal. In America we even have...
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